Cinnamon Rolls

Hello! Yes, I's been a while.  Yes, I've been playing hooky....but I had a really good excuse - I promise.  I've been out of town for a while visiting my brother and sister-in-law who just had a new arrival. Here she is, my new niece Lilly Joy.

Would your mind be on blogging when you had this much cuteness to behold?

I thought not:)

I did manage to bake up my Twix cookies while I was there, and was wheedled by my brother to make a second batch so he could take them to work.  He called that morning and said the entire plate was gone by 8:15am.

I was also in the mood to bake cinnamon rolls, and made this version, which is a great cinnamon roll, but a bit too sweet for me.  Yes, I know! Cinnamon rolls are meant to be loaded with a sinful amount of sugar:)  When my husband (who stayed home) found out that I had made cinnamon rolls for everyone, he guilted me into agreeing to make some for him as soon as I got home.  So, once home I decided to make my usual recipe to see which roll I preferred. 

I have to say that I still prefer my tried and true recipe.  I don't even remember where I found it - I've had it for years - but the dough has real mashed potato and sour cream mixed into it, which keeps the dough tender and moist.  The filling, called "The Smear", is soooo good.  These rolls are best the day they are baked, but if they are still around the next day, just pop them in the microwave for a few seconds.  If they are still around a third day...well, then something is wrong with you:)  Give 'em a try, they're good!

Cinnamon Rolls
Yield: 12  Printable Recipe

2 pkgs active dry yeast
1 tsp sugar
1/3 cup warm water

1/2 cup warm mashed potatoes (plain)
2/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup sour cream
1/2 cup melted butter
2 eggs
1 tsp salt
3 cups unbleached flour

1/3 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
2 egg whites
2 tsp cinnamon

1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 Tbs soft butter
enough milk or orange juice to make a thick pouring glaze

Preheat oven to 350F.  In a small bowl, combine the water, yeast and sugar; set aside to foam for about 5 minutes. In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine the warm mashed potato (just plain mashed potato, nothing added to it), sugar, sour cream, melted butter, eggs, and salt. Add the flour and yeast mixture.  Using the dough hook, mix the dough on speed 2, for 2 minutes.

Add additional flour, 1 tablespoon at a time, until dough just cleans the bowl, but is very soft. Cover with plastic wrap and allow the dough to raise until doubled in bulk, about 2 hours. Punch down and let rise again (about another 2 hours.) On a lightly flour surface, roll the dough into a rectangle and spread with smear. (The size of the rectangle will depend on how large you want the finished rolls.) Roll dough into cylinder. Cut into 1 1/2 inch slices. Place in a greased 9x13 oblong pan.

If baking immediately: Allow the rolls to rise again until doubled. Bake for 30 - 35 minutes at 350. Remove from oven when done and brush with melted butter. Drizzle with glaze while still hot.

Overnight method: Cover the rolls with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator to raise overnight.  When ready to bake in the morning, remove rolls from the refrigerator and let stand at room temperature for about 15 minutes.  Then bake at 350F for 30-35 minutes, or until golden brown. Remove from oven and brush with melted butter.  Drizzle with glaze while still hot.

While the rolls are baking, combine the powdered sugar, butter, and enough milk to make a thick pouring glaze.  Use a spoon or the tines of a fork to drizzle the glaze over the rolls.  Use as much or as little as you like.

I had intentions to make a step-by-step tutorial, but since these were made the night before to bake in the morning, my step-by-step photos had horrible lighting and did not turn out well.  Maybe next time.

**02/2013: I recently posted these Cinnamon Rolls in a new post, you can see the updated photos here.**


Belinda @zomppa said...

Oh! She is SOOOOOO beautiful! That should be should this ridiculous photo of cinnamon rolls! =)

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

Wow, I'm going to try your fabulous looking rolls. And congrats on your new niece...she is precious!!!!

Kate @ said...

Oh wow, she is so precious!

Your rolls are gorgeous - they look so moist, soft, and yummy!

Chef Dennis Littley said...

your niece is adorable!! what a great pic! And those cinnamon buns look so delicious, your lighting looks perfect I don't know how that image could have been better.

Tiffany said...

Pretty in pink! She's beautiful!

Torviewtoronto said...

looks wonderful cute niece

Lindsey @ Gingerbread Bagels said...

How adorable is she! What a cutie! :)

Oh my word your cinnamon rolls look incredible. So light and fluffy. There's calling my name right now! I'm so intrigued by the mashed poatoes in them, I have to try these.

Thank you so much for the recipe. :) Can't wait to try them out.

Becky said...

Lily Joy is beautiful. I wouldn't be blogging either. Your picture of the roll is beyond amazing! I haven't had breakfast yet. I have to make these, yeast challenged or not.

Steph said...

You're little niece is so precious!

And as for these rolls, I'm speechless. I've been looking for a good cinnamon roll recipe to try and I think this one just won the vote!

Emily Malloy said...

You totally have the CUTEST EXCUSE EVER. Mamma mia, she's DARLING.

I'm going to be a first-time aunt any day now, too!

Can't wait :)

briarrose said...

Awwww....what a cutie!

The cinnamon rolls also look dreamy. ;)

Evan @swEEts said...

Isn't she precious!? That bow is almost the size of her head! :) And these cinnamon rolls? I wouldn't mind having one (or 2) of these tomorrow morning for breakfast!

Lauren at KeepItSweet said...

What a beautiful picture!!!! Oh, and the cinnamon rolls look fantastic:-)

sara @ CaffeIna said...

You have a totally good excuse Auntie! She is! The cinnamon rolls, instead, they are totally making me drool.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the arrival of your new niece... she is gorgeous!

The cinnamon rolls look delicious.... I love a nice hot cinnamon roll out of the oven... yum!

Candy said...

Wow - those look yummy!

Christina said...

Welcome back! She's adorable! your cinnamon rolls look pretty great too!

Monet said...

Mashed potato and sour cream? How I've missed you! These look just heavenly...and so does your sweet little niece. How precious! Thank you for sharing such a great recipe. I hope your weekend overflows with good food, good friends, and love!

Renata said...

Your niece is such a cutie, and her photo is just adorable!! She must have been your inspiration for such mouthwatering cinnamon rolls. I'm drooling!

Medifast Coupon said...

Don't these look delicious! A little work of art these cinnamon rolls are, the perfect thing to accompany a cup of tea. Well done!

wendyweekendgourmet said...

Good to see you back...and Lilly is adorable! I also have a niece named Llil (short for Lilith). These cinnamon rolls are lovely...really!

wendyweekendgourmet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CIA-Cooking In An Apron said...

Saw you thru foodgawker and boy did I hit the jackpot! A cutie pie niece and a damn delicious cinnamon roll recipe! SCORE! Thanks for sharing both!

ann said...

That baby is adorable. Love the pink bow. These cinnamon rolls are fantastic looking.

Kat @ Cupcake Kat said...

You take beautiful photos. These cinnamon buns look so good. My mom used to make ones similar to these. This recipe is definately a keeper

Flirting with Flour said...

Congratulations on your new niece! She is precious! The cinnamon rolls look ah-mazing! But I had a question. In the recipe you just say spread with shmear - are we supposed to whip the egg whites to soft peaks or just whisk them with the sugars etc?? Please let me know ..I'd love to give these a try!

grace said...

cinnamon rolls are pretty much my favorite thing ever, yet they're simply not the best thing about this post. that child is precious. :)


Oh holy heaven! I need one of those cinnamon rolls right away!

Your sweet little niece is just as irresistible!

Anonymous said...

She is precious! And those cinnamon rolls look perfect :) Best way to start the morning for sure!

Magic of Spice said...

She is just an angel, how precious :)
And these cinnamon rolls look amazing, I don't think I have seen a recipe like this...delicious :)

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

I just died a little. These cinnamon rolls are freaking amazing looking. YUM!

Lisa said...

What a glorious looking cinnamon roll. I love how your picture really brings things up close so I can see every inch of this. I have a new linky on my blog called "Sweets for a Saturday" and I'd like to invite you to stop by and link this up.

Anonymous said...

This chick is stealing your act. lol...
"Tegan Leblanc
5 feet tall, 95lbs I love making people smile. I am wife to be, baker and I love to draw, I am lover of all things artistic. This blog is my journal to become what I aspire to be."

Unknown said...

This picture blew my mind. My husband hates sweets, which is really too bad because I love making them! But he goes crazy for Cinnamon Rolls. Today I'm making this recipe for the second time. Can't wait!!!

Greenderella said...

These look more than delicious! Your whole blog looks delicious! So happy I found it. Greetings from Germany!

Unknown said...

Geez, the pictures alone make me want to grab that cinnamon roll right from my screen! These look amazing, to say the least!

wendie said...

Silly question Im sure but what type of mashed potato? I make mine with butter and milk/cream. Do I make them that way or just literally mash up a potato?

Anonymous said...

hey, I am a big fun of all your recipies I made already bunch of them and they always turn great from the first try, BUT yesterday I tried these, but as I don't have a machine, I did not know how am I supposed to work the dough, I added a lot of flour, but it remained sticky :( I left it in a refrigerator over night, this morning the dough was still very weak that it could not even hold the cinnamon filling when I rolled it, I still baked it though, and everybody loved it they eat everything, the smell and the taste were wonderful ,but the shape was ugly, I wish you tell me what I did wrong, 2 things I did not follow, I used plain yogurt instead of sour cream, and as I did not have sour cream and I worked the dough with my hands I don't have a machine. any advice for the future, as I want to remake again please !! thank you

Unknown said...

The potato is mashed plain potatoes - no butter or milk. :)

Unknown said...

To the question about working the dough. Depending on how you measure your flour, you may not be using enough. Since everyone measure's differently, it's always best to weigh flour (if you have a digital scale) to get consistent results. 3 cups of AP flour is 15 ounces. Also, substituting yogurt will add extra moisture than sour cream would, so that may have affected your dough.

If making again, I would try weighing your flour, and using the sour cream if possible. Also, if kneading by hand, you'll need to work it a little longer than if using an electric mixer. If you feel the dough is too sticky when kneading, feel free to add a little more flour until it is tacky but not sticky. I hope this helps :) Thanks, Amber :)

Anonymous said...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

Deenie said...

Is it possible to make these by hand mixing? I don't have a dough hook. If it is possible, how long should I mix by hand?

Unknown said...

Hi Deenie,
Don't quote me on this, but I think when mixing yeast dough by hand, you need to double the amount of time as using a mixer. The main thing is to watch the dough consistency, it should be smooth and elastic. Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the recipe. I am baking the rolls now!

Anonymous said...

Hi! those rolls look amazing, but you don't say how to make the smear, do we beat the eggs or just mix everything up...? I would like to try them and not mess them up!

Michelle Yagelski said...

This recipe is amazing! I used the dough recipe and added my own filling....they were the best rolls i've made! In my filling i use butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, chopped almonds, and maple bacon!! Mouth watering goodness!!

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It's our favorite too. :)

Andrea said...

Well I've just made them and wow, they really are the best. Just how I remembered cinnamon buns to be (had them in the US when I was very young). As I said in my email to you, but smear was a bit runny, maybe next time, won't add the 2nd egg white. I also made the dough a little bit too soft, so will amend that next time as well. Apart from that, very happy indeed. They didn't look as fantastic as yours but they tasted great. I will now throw away any other recipe I have for these!!

Unknown said...

Yay Andie! So glad they turned out well for you. :) This is my husbands favorite cinnamon roll. Any time I try another recipe he tells me to just stick to my original. When making the dough, the amount of flour you'll need to use will vary for each person. Everything from the weather to your location can affect it, so it's best to gauge the dough consistency as you go. It's always a good idea to start with less is more, you can always add more flour, but you can't take it back out. :) Thanks for you feedback!

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