Who Killed the Crepes? A Kitchen Catastrophe

There is a little known fact about me; I have the extraordinary talent of being able to kill any plant that has the misfortune of coming home with me.  I don't know how I do it, it just happens.  My talent was recently unleashed on my sons preschool flowerpot that was sent home.  Little did his teacher know the fate she was sending the poor thing to.  I present the remains of what would have been a Marigold....I think?

As you can see the soil is wet.  Upon seeing his poor wanna-be flower on the brink of death, the little guy ran to the bathroom to baptise it in water, hoping to bring life back again.  I felt too guilty to crush his dream. 

It seems my plant butchering talent has now expanded to include crepes.  I had the grand ambition today to make us fruit crepes for breakfast.  I have never attempted to make a crepe before, but didn't think I would have any problems.  But instead of creating an eye pleasing breakfast, my talent took over.  The mission:  To mutilate and destroy beyond all recognition.  The Target:  The unsuspecting Crepe.

As you can see, this was not a successful attempt.  What started out as a fun breakfast adventure, turned into a batter flinging, crepe crushing, nightmare.  Most of them ended up dumped unceremoniously into the trash, but the few I was able to salvage I filled with cut up nectarines, kiwi, and banana.  Once sprinkled with a little powdered sugar, I was able to pass them off to my son as something halfway edible.  Apparently I need to do a little more research and practising of my crepe making technique.

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